Happy 9/02/10 Day! Nine of Our Favorite 90210 Memories

Today the cosmos align and the calendrical system itself bows down before the greatness that is, was, and forever shall be, Beverly Hills, 90210. On this most hallowed day, 9/02/10, we celebrate with memories of that perpetually troubled original posse. » 9/02/10 10:45am 9/02/10 10:45am

Bill Murray Rages Against the Machine

Bill Murray takes on technology in a rant filmed in multiple takes for a television promo in 1982. No facet of the futurescape goes without notice, as the comedy master bemoans everything he can with equal displeasure. » 5/12/10 11:45am 5/12/10 11:45am

The Crack Fox Hits Rock Bottom

In this clip from The Mighty Boosh's third season, Vince meets The Crack Fox and learns of his idyllic forest origins and sad descent into drug and dance fueled depravity. Ah, the meth-skewed mirror of the uncanny valley. » 5/11/10 11:45am 5/11/10 11:45am

Carbonated Cosmic Consciousness

Psychedelic abstractions and bubbly fantasies from 7UP's early 1970s "See the Light" ad campaign make one wonder just what was in the so-called "Uncola". » 5/10/10 11:45am 5/10/10 11:45am

Saturday Shorts: The Snake Mountain Colada

Two transcendental travelers wander the desert, encountering magic and mirages (frog people, alcoholic oases, organ thieves, etc.) along the way. Faithfully filmed on Super 8, writer/director Calvin Reeder's surreal short homages countercultural legacies of hobo-hippies' radical realities and strange trips. » 5/08/10 3:00pm 5/08/10 3:00pm

Kathie Lee Terrifies at Home, Too

In what is ostensibly an exercise tape without any real exercise, Kathie Lee Gifford exposes her house of horrors: the baby used for weightlifting, the kitchen of oblivion, Frank the sex monster (eew!), and sundry other frights. » 5/07/10 11:45am 5/07/10 11:45am

Daily Link Roundup: TV News and the Best of the Rest on the Web

Don Draper returns, Community goes paintballing, a Real Worlder sets his sights on Washington, and whose Anatomy is it if there's no Grey? » 5/06/10 5:00pm 5/06/10 5:00pm

Betty White's Top 12 TV Moments

With her upcoming appearance hosting SNL, Betty White will assume her rightful crown to reign supreme as comedy's queen for the night. Here, we take a look back at the highlights of her six triumphant decades onscreen. » 5/06/10 3:30pm 5/06/10 3:30pm

Neverland Side Story

Tiger Lily, the whitest Indian (PC: Native Neverlander) princess of all time, leads her people in the traditional Jets and Sharks style tribal dance. The 1960 TV version's choreographed savages echo the racial insensitivity of J. M. Barrie's original classic. » 5/06/10 11:45am 5/06/10 11:45am

You May Never Kiss the Bride

An overzealous Christian father instills an anti-kissing sentiment in his daughter, promising the lass that one day, her never-been-kissed dreamboy in a button-down will come to take her away from the high school whoredom of make out Jezebels and horndogs. » 5/05/10 11:45am 5/05/10 11:45am

Jehovah's Rave

The psychotropic power of the spirit works Reverend Alicia into a trippy, worshipful frenzy. The public access pastor invokes the name of Yahweh over and over, spinning around in her holy office chair, flailing her arms to the heavenly rhythm. » 5/04/10 11:45am 5/04/10 11:45am

The Blind Blowing the Blind

No one realizes just how important something is until it's gone, whether the missing piece is money, love, health, vision, oral sex... anything, really. » 5/03/10 11:45am 5/03/10 11:45am

On the Job Croc Attack

Kids always want to grow up to be veterinarians, to play with all creatures great and small forever. That dream ends now thanks to Weird, True, and Freaky, which showed just how terrifying a day at the zoo can be. » 4/30/10 4:14pm 4/30/10 4:14pm

Parks and Recreation: Hell Is Meetings

Since starting as Ron's assistant, April had managed to make her boss happy by halting all potential public interactions. Supplicants were scheduled for a day the secretary thought she'd invented through calender trickery. Unfortunately, that day is very real. » 4/30/10 3:20pm 4/30/10 3:20pm

Amazons Unite for Tricks of the Light on The Wendy Williams Show

Discussing tips the average giantess can heed to never look enormous again, Wendy Williams revealed how she's reinvented her old tiny bags as fabulous fanny packs, dwarfing her guest all the while, shaking her bat-wings just because she can. » 4/30/10 12:29pm 4/30/10 12:29pm

God's Big Mormon Space Orgy: The Movie

In the animated segment from the universally reviled anti-Mormon cartoon, The God Makers, the LDS deity Elohim has "endless celestial sex" with his goddess wives before starting a race war, boning the virgin Mary, and sending Jesus to North America. » 4/30/10 11:45am 4/30/10 11:45am

MTV's Balanced Challenge Meal: Meatheads and Potato Fights

On Real Road Rules Meaty Challenge 2: vs. The Fresh Gauntlet (or whatever), some drunk beefy-armed guy stole some potatoes, threw cheese at an even beefier-armed dude, then attacked a beefy bystander. Tempers flared! Words were had! Starch was tossed! » 4/29/10 5:16pm 4/29/10 5:16pm

imperfect translation: "it's possible to see anything on chat roulette... [dick appears onscreen] .... but, impossible to show any of it, alright then...." » 4/29/10 1:48pm 4/29/10 1:48pm